I had never been very close with my own mother growing up. When I lost her to cancer at the tender age of 8, I had always wished that we had more time. Since the day I saw the double lines on my pregnancy strip appear, I imagined taking my child on special dates – just the two of us. Then I found out my little nugget was a girl. I cried. I could feel my mom with us right there.

I would honour her and do what she wasn’t able to. To whisk my little girl away from school in the afternoon and take her out for a special surprise treat to the fancy baker’s downtown. We’d sip herbal teas and clink our teacups after the many practice sessions I received in the playroom. Walking through the high tea room hand-in-hand, I gulped the lump in my throat and smiled. I knew my mother was sharing this moment with us.


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A Surprise Daughter Date!

Una Sandringham

Una began her editorial career as a Vogue intern, spending many hours in what some consider the epitome of fashion, arts, and culture. After writing for Glamour and Vanity Fair, Una took the leap to writing full time for this little website you’re reading.

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